I was contacted by personal trainer Eric Cooper in August 2021 to create a clean, aesthetically pleasing website and new logo for his personal training and nutrition coaching brand: Innovate. The website was to be designed in Figma, then built using Webflow.



Eric, as a personal trainer based in the U.S wanted to create a platform to move his personal training and nutrition coaching packages online allowing users to workout and track their food through a mobile app. He wanted the experience to be bold, clean and have that modern 'fitnessy' kinda vibe.


I took the original basic wireframe and checked over it, ensuring it included all the necessary parts to send the potential user on a journey, educating them about the platform and how it works and pushing them into action. I then took these blocks and created a new layout for the homepage that looked clean and interesting whilst making key information apparent. We decided on a blue for the personal training side of things and green for the nutrition, I then carried these colours through the separate services pages. I created a logo that used the same square shapes and thick lines as the site and added the 'I' for Innovate in the center, this also looks similar in shape to a power on/standby button, linking back to the word 'Innovate' - 'to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.'

The site was then built in Webflow and we utilised Stripe for payment, Calendly for appointment booking and I then implemented all neccessary privacy and cookie integrations. The site was optimised for all screen sizes and then rigorously tested to ensure it works correctly and is a great user experience.

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