Spirit of a nomad, heart of a creative 🌍


Hey, I'm Andrew! 😀

I am a British born graphic designer turned user experience evangelist with over 2 years of experience working with tech organizations MailerLite and Minter.io. 💌​ 📊

I come from a tech-heavy family. I started out by teaching myself the Adobe Photoshop software and basic web development at 19, this then evolved into freelance projects for clients around the world. I thoroughly relish the fusion of visual design, usability optimisation and structured design. I believe that ease of access to technology and information creates a more just and inclusive experience for my clients and their users. 🎉


In addition to having solid experience leading teams and peer mentorship, I also have unique life experience which I bring to every challenge I encounter. I excel in teams that value technology, data, empathy and constant learning.  💡

I travel frequently and enjoy fresh experiences to their fullest. I am currently travelling the U.S but originally hail from the small green valley of Rossendale, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

Thanks for stopping by! 😁

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