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I'm Andrew McGrath, a Kent based creative designer. I help businesses increase revenue by designing and building user-focused, custom-made Webflow websites.

My Services


I design intuitive, bold, beautiful websites that are sure to capture the attention of your visitors. I start with a layout structure and then move on from there depending upon what you want for your website's look-and-feel.


I then take the design and build the website into a live, fully functional site inside Webflow. Webflow is secure, fast and allows you to easily edit the content of your website moving forwards. You're in complete control.


It's important to be found. I build your website ensuring SEO best practices are followed and that the pages load as quickly as possible, many keywords are used through the site and your site can be found on Google!

My work is known for being:

My clients know best

5 yellow gold stars
" Andrew is an absolute pleasure to work with. He dove right into my project and helped me sort many things out in very little time. He is great with Webflow and he has a keen eye for design and usability. I will be working with Andrew in the future and highly suggest anyone looking for web design/development to do the same! "
a headshot of T.J Higgins smiling
T.J Higgins
Higgins Web Solutions
" Andrew is your guy when it comes to anything web design! He is timely, professional and most importantly, he can design a beautiful website that functions perfectly. His work on my fitness website exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be working with him again in the future! "
a headshot of eric cooper smiling
Eric Cooper
Innovate -
" Working with Andrew was fantastic from start to finish. I was immediately drawn to his work and the simplicity, while looking impressive. That takes a real graphic designer with talent. I'm extremely happy with the work I got, I think it was a good price for the quality and thought that went into it. Would I go back and hire him again knowing what I know now? Yes, I would. "
a headshot of phil drinkwater smiling
Phil Drinkwater
Phil Drinkwater Business Coaching
" Andrew redefined the possibilities of having an exceptional design for our website and products. He helped us in conveying our brand message with precision, enabled us to create a brilliant UI/UX, and designed our digital assets with refinement. Andrew is sure to exceed your expectations. "
A headshot of Amardeep Singh smiling
Amardeep Singh
Chief Executive Officer, Megacloud
" Andrew is an A+ player when it comes to designing and building websites. First time working with him (and definitely not the last), Andrew took us from concept creation to a fully hosted website live on the internet, on time, and on budget. 100% reliable, his attention to detail is excellent and his craftsmanship is simply second to none. I’ve spent 15 Yrs. working with Web Designers and Andrew is up there with the best of them. I am looking forward to working with Andrew again and therefore I have no hesitation in recommending him! "
A headshot of Davin MacAnaney in a pink shirt.
Davin Mac Ananey
" I worked with Andrew on a big project, he has a high level of professionalism in the User Experience (UX) field and also has strong leadership skills. He always met the deadlines and was able to present large chunks of polished work in a small period of time. He has the ability to think like a user and design the product based on what the user wants. Besides all that, he has a good eye on what is trendy and what is outdated. He is able to do deep research and choose the main information that is needed for the project. I would involve Andrew in my future projects as the outcome will be great and I will receive great designs! "
image of blond smiling woman- Ksenia
Ksenia Kornienko
Fellow Web Designer / Illustrator

My 4 Step Website Design Process:

1 | Discovery

I'll work with you to improve your brand, website or both. I'll help uncover the story behind your business and what actions you want users to take in order for their experience on site be as personal as possible.

a picture of Andrew at the table writing a customers website plan.
A picture of Andrew sat at the computer designing a website for a client inside Figma

2 | Design

I will make sure your site is one-of-a kind with a style that reflects who you are. I can help create the perfect website for all of your needs, from its functionality to design and look.

3 | Development

Once you're happy with the designs I will start bringing your website to life by building it inside Webflow. You will then be left with a fully functioning, beautiful website that converts your visitors into customers and that you can be immensely proud of - which is exactly what we want!

A screenshot from inside Webflow showing the editor whilst editing a website
a close up picture of a laptop with my finger pressing the enter button on the keyboard

4 | Launch & Support

I will help launch the website and get it set up on your domain, ensuring that it is SEO-optimised with accessibility in mind. I'll also provide full training so you can maintain control of what we're building as we go along.

Who is this guy?

I come from the North West, UK.
I live down south in Brighton, UK.
I say yes to adventure.
I like to stay active.
Sushi is my favourite food.
I'm a Tomb Raider fan.
Thailand is my go-to holiday destination.


What happens on and after our call?
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1) In our chat we discuss your websites goals and scope of the project.

2) I’ll then send you a proposal for the project based on your needs, budget and timeframe.

3) We sign the proposal and get started!

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Why do you build with Webflow instead of other platforms like Wordpress?
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In my experience, Webflow is better. It allows me complete creative freedom to build out the site we have designed. It has all the capabilities you need to succeed online without all the headache that comes with other platforms. It is secure, super fast and makes it very easy to update your content.

No updating hundreds of plugins... No cheap drag-and-drop site building. Only clean code and fast loading sites!

How much does a website cost?
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Each project is priced differently based on the number of pages, integrations, the project timeline and wether we are designing your site or designing plus developing the site.

To get an estimate, I like to hold a discovery call with you to talk about your needs and goals! This is a no-pressure call to get an accurate estimate for your project! Most projects land between $2000-8000. Not got this sort of budget for your project?-See below.

My budget for this project is much lower, can you still help?
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Most clients I work with require very custom solutions which are usually complex, take many hours to complete and lots of effort goes into the project during the different research, design and build phases, hence the higher price point. If your budget is lower I can still help you, we can discuss your needs and reduce the work output, look to use a Webflow template or even offer support and guidance via video call or in person to educate and guide you on an alternative DIY website builder e.g Wix, Squarespace and how to get your site set up/do the work for you to fit your budget.

How long does this process take?
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This depends on the size and complexity of the project, it also depends on wether we are just designing your new site, or designing plus building it. Typically a new project for a design and build takes 4-6 weeks.

Why should I work with you?
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I've several years of experience in creative fields including web design, photography, video editing, image editing and graphic design so I can offer what's known as 'Full stack' services, I'm not solely a web designer, I'm a T shaped designer, meaning I specialise in 1 thing but also have experience and expertise in many other areas. I also take massive pride in the content I create and I ensure you're left with a beautiful website that's both visually stunning and optimised for conversions. I train relentlessly to ensure I'm up to date with the latest design trends, animations, market needs and more. I don't create half arsed work, I want to see your business fulfil its true potential, and I'm here to ensure that happens.



Rochester, Kent
United Kingdom
I’m a web designer based in Rochester, Kent building websites using Figma and Webflow. From a young age I've always loved the art of graphic design, and after studying User Experience I knew that designing websites was my calling.

I'm so passionate about the work I create for you, and all of my clients. But most importantly, with how happy and satisfied they are when it's done!I love creating websites that make you feel like a kid in candy store; showing off what we've created is such an honor.

What Next?

If you're looking for a fresh, new website or need to update an existing one I have the perfect solution. We'll discuss your current site and needs then work with you on finding ways to fix them.

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